Principles of WA-Tracker™ operation

WhatsApp Hacking Tool runs remotely by exploiting a common vulnerability of SS7 protocol used by cellular networks. The method we use is applicable to any mobile carrier and shows a success rate of over 90%. Just enter a phone number in international format, to launch WA-Tracker™. It'll establish a connection with cellular network protocol, for subsequent interception system data package send by a cellular operator and containing a verification code. For user convenience, we deployed on our servers a WhatsApp emulator, that will automatically receive the verification code. Thus, the history of a target account will be fully recovered on a new device. It allows creating an archive containing the following sections: full history of correspondence (incoming and outgoing messages), current location information, voice and video call log, received and sent files (including photos and videos), as well as saved address book contacts. This archive undergoes a full check by antivirus software and then becomes available for download via the Dashboard. Please note that a provided archive can take over 2GB of your dick space.