WA-Tracker™ - Software Specification

Exploiting the vulnerability of SS7 protocol to hack WhatsApp.

1 :Introduction.

One can hardly conceive of a life without gadgets now. They are currently essential attributes of any civilized person. Cell phones became available at the end of the last century. But because of the high purchase and operating costs, only a few persons could use them. 10 years ago this situation has changed. Budget models became available and helped almost every family in getting cell phones. Even high tariffs eventually were lowered.

Progress forged ahead. And soon smartphones were developed. Along with high-speed Internet, they opened a wide range of opportunities to users allowing sending instant messages, files and even making video calls via special apps (messengers). Now people with access to the Internet can call anywhere around the world, without paying attention to conditions and tariffs of cellular operators.

WhatsApp is the most successful product among messengers. This mobile app was optimized to all common OSs (Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS). It allows millions of users from around the world to send instant messages and make voice and video calls every day. In January 2016, this messenger became absolutely free.

2 : Main Functions and Features of WhatsApp

Its developers were forced by critics to pay special attention to app's technical features and security system. They introduced some novelties making the messenger more user-friendly and improving privacy protection. All the info sent via the messenger now undergoes end-to-end encryption, making it inaccessible to intruders.

WhatsApp provides its users with the following possibilities:

  1. Sending text and voice messages.
  2. Transferring current location information
  3. Storing and transferring media files and data
  4. Making audio and video calls anywhere in the world
  5. Supporting channels and group dialogues

Thanks to freely available multiple useful features, WhatsApp turned into a highly effective business tool. This messenger facilitates products / brands promotion and allows finding customers. Given the great value of this application, one question, unsurprisingly, becomes increasingly relevant: How to hack WhatsApp?

3 : The Effectiveness of WhatsApp Hacking Methods

Privacy-related matters have always been relevant. But they started growing even more sensitive after messengers became widespread. Now there's a real war between developers and hackers. This war resulted in an increasing level of WhatsApp security and a growing number of techniques for hacking this app.

There is no point in describing all the existing methods of hacking WhatsApp, because most of them are no longer relevant. If hackers try hacking WhatsApp, then its developers do their best to respond to such attempts and successfully eliminate vulnerabilities to improve their software. That's why stable time-tested tools are the most promising.

WA-Tracker™ is an effective tool for WhatsApp hacking based on exploiting the vulnerability of SS7 protocol. Its user can intercept a verification code coming via an SMS and fully take control over a target account. The whole process is fully automated and does not affect a target device operation.

4 : Two-factor Authentication System - the Main Vulnerability of WhatsApp

Any WhatsApp account undergoes binding to a phone number specified during registration. This procedure helps in case the need arises (e.g. a password loss). It allows verifying identity to initiate a restoring procedure. To this very number, a service SMS will be sent containing a restoration code. A user will be asked to enter it in an appropriate form. Doing this will allow recovering the entire account history.

It may sound strange, but this very protective measure is, in fact, its biggest vulnerability within WhatsApp security system, since this vulnerability allows accessing absolutely any WhatsApp account. Meanwhile, WhatsApp developers are unable to address this issue and contribute to fixing the vulnerability in any manner, since it is in the area of responsibility of cellular operators.

Thanks to its unique architecture, WA-Tracker™ 100% supports remote interception of verification codes for gaining access to a target account. This process is fully automated. It runs in the background and does not require a profile owner's consent. All thanks to SS7 protocol vulnerability.

5 : SS7 Protocol - the Main Vulnerability of Cellular Networks

Info on critical vulnerability in SS7 protocol has entered the public domain long time ago. Experts in cybersecurity have repeatedly brought up this issue to discussion. According to them, using special tools allows wiretapping, identifying a caller's location and intercepting SMS messages. Cellular operators try to hide this fact, because its disclosure can seriously hurt their income.

SS7 protocol is criticized, since it was developed back in 1975 and provides no mechanisms to protect against hacker attacks. Up to a certain point, everybody believed this system's protected from attempts to establish an external connection, but in practice it turned out this protection is useless. Some special equipment and a database are required to establish a protocol connection. Attackers' success rate is 95%, according to recent reports.

By specifying a target phone number, a WA-Tracker™ user can initiate intercepting of incoming SMS with a verification code by our web application. When this operation ends successfully, a compromised account will appear in WhatsApp emulator allowing gaining fill access to all its data.

6 : Transferring Account to our App Emulator

WhatsApp emulator is a remote web-app created by WA - Tracker™ developers and serving as a temporary storage for a target account data. Simply said, after hacking, a target account is launched using this WhatsApp emulator, and then an archive with user files is generated for subsequent downloading.

Contents of a provided archive:

  1. Log of incoming/outgoing calls and their duration
  2. Received and sent messages in the course of correspondence
  3. Map location with the latest recorded points
  4. Files from WhatsApp account history
  5. Data is shared via private channels and groups
  6. Current application settings set by its user

7 : System Requirements and Benefits

Since it's not an on premise software package, this solution runs on equipment provided by its developers and does not require significant computing power from a user.

System requirements:

  • Stable Internet connection for downloading big files (sometimes over 2 GB) without disconnections
  • A current version of a modern browser (experts recommend Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.)
  • Program for working with zip archives (MacOS has a built-in archiver)

WA-Tracker™ advantages:

  • Compatible with almost any cellular operator.
  • Does not disrupt the stability of a target device.
  • Service operates unnoticeably for a real account owner.

8 : Conclusion

It’s believed that WA-Tracker™ will be considered the most effective tool for hacking WhatsApp accounts for quite some time. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, app developers are aware of vulnerabilities, but limitations and restrictions in terms of authority prevent them from fixing them. Secondly, cellular operators do not intent to upgrade their signal distribution system because of high equipment costs. In addition, currently any discussion regarding this issue is rather local in nature and this issue is not known to a wide range of users.

We developed the best-performing tool for remote hacking WhatsApp. This software features a web interface and is available online. Hundreds of positive reviews evidence that a large number of users have already taken advantage of our service, and it fully met all their expectations.