When paying for several sessions launching, customers can avail of a flexible discount system. Hacking 2 WhatsApp accounts gets you a 20% discount. In case of 3 or more accounts, discount increase to 30%.

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WA-Tracker™ is an unparalleled breakthrough IT service. Several promotions were launched to share software and increase its customer base:

  • Clients can always avail of extra discounts for simultaneous gaining access to multiple accounts.
  • Choosing any cryptocurrency as a payment method, you can minimize commission fees and taxes.
  • Participants of Affiliate Program can always avail of extra benefits when using this software.

BENEFITS of WA-Tracker™

  • Icon Refund guarantee in case of failure
  • Icon Success rate exceeds 90%
  • Icon Unlimited number of requests
  • Icon Bandwidth scaling

Customer Support

We monitor each case and pay attention to the quality and speed of service.


Satisfaction Level

That's the number of customers who voted for WA-Tracker™ and graded it with the highest score.


Return Visit

Our services quality is fully characterized by the level of return visits.

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Benefits of cryptocurrency

  • High Level of Anonymity

    We completely gave up on standard payment aggregators to eliminate the risk of identification of both transaction parties. Digital currency is the only one fully anonymous online payment method, hiding your personal data.

  • global

    International Transactions

    Cryptocurrencies can be transferred between 2 point with zero costs and fees. It takes less than a few minutes for such a payment to be credited on the Dashboard balance. It's enough to get three confirmations, to display.

  • Commission Costs

    Cryptocurrency payments inside blockchain are virtually commission-free, unlike payments with credit cards. This allows both minimizing spendings for our software features and increasing its accessibility around the globe.

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Thanks to a fully automated architecture, the software runs online. Due to cryptocurrency support, clients are guaranteed anonymity as well as minimal transaction costs. After years of business process improvement, we managed to provide the most acceptable pricing level. Using Affiliate Program, you can earn bonus funds and spend it for session launching with discount or WhatsApp hacking for free.

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Payment Methods:

Payments in cryptocurrency

Provides transaction participants with the highest privacy level and 100% anonymity.

    Bitcoin Ethereum Bitcoin cash Ripple Monero

Currency Conversion Payments in cryptocurrency are automatically converted using a current exchange rate.

Technical support for online payments:


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