Frequently Asked Questions

WA-Tracker™ is designed to provide remote access to a specified WhatsApp account. This service sequentially detects and automatically exploits a common vulnerability of SS7 protocol used by cellular operators. Control any page as if it was yours and browse any account contents without accessing a device.

This section helps to solve any difficulties arising when using the software. Couldn't solve your issues by yourself? Please contact our Customer Support Service.

What Guarantees are Provided to WA-Tracker™ Customers

A request for balance refilling is send only when phone number and password of a target account are successfully validated and the archive of user files is successfully created and ready for being downloaded via the Dashboard. This approach can be considered loyal and efficient in the light of high client satisfaction level.

What Promotions and Bonus Offers are Available to Clients?

Info on terms of bonus promotions available to clients can be found in the Pricing. section. Moreover, we offer an Affiliate Program, allowing users to hack any WhatsApp account absolutely for free.

How does the Software Work?

By exploiting the vulnerability of SS7 protocol used by cellular networks and high-tech instruments, WA-Tracker™ can intercept SMS messages containing verification codes for obtaining full access to any account. User data undergoes end-to-end encryption, making it intruder-proof. Read more in the section Technical documentation.

What are the System Requirements of WA-Tracker™?

To make sure our software runs seamlessly, you'll need the following:

  1. Stable internet connection.
  2. Enough free hard disk space.
  3. Current version of a browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera).

What Kind Data will be Available to a Client after Using the Service?

An archive generated after hacking a target WhatsApp account will include the following information:

  • Log of incoming / outgoing calls and their duration.
  • Received and sent messages during correspondence.
  • Location on the map with recently recorded points.
  • Files saved via WhatsApp account history.
  • Data transmitted via private channels and groups.

How to Prepare a Target Device before Running WA-Tracker™?

The software can be launched and used without any preparations and pre-settings. Just specify your target's phone number and activate the process. The account owner will not receive any alerts regarding an external intervention.

How Much Disk Space does a User Archive Require?

File size depends entirely on the type and quantity of data stored in a target profile history. If it was used often (e.g., a large number of sent/received text messages and files), the file size may exceed 2 GB.

Is it Safe to Download Files to a Device?

Before an archive with user files becomes available for download via the Dashboard, it undergoes a complex checking for malicious attachments. Thus, you can be completely sure that the files you download are 100% safe and will in no way affect the operation of your device.

How to Hide Actions from a Target Account's Owner?

Thanks to innovative tools, WhatsApp account remote monitoring becomes completely invisible to its owner. The only evidence of information leakage can arise from a feature built-into this instant messenger for displaying the number of active sessions. But most users don't pay any attention to it.

Is it Legal to Use the Software?

Clients are free to decide how to use the software. It's their area of responsibility. This service was initially created for recovering lost data, which is completely legitimate.

How to Ensure 100% Anonymity when Running the Service?

If you want to achieve maximum anonymity, make payments only in bitcoin. This payment method protects all transaction participants and makes tracking them down technically impossible. Thus, Bitcoin can be considered the best option out there.

How Many Times Can I Use the Service?

There's no limit on session number, so clients may determine by themselves how many times they should make use of WA-Tracker™. In addition, we provide the highest bandwidth to enhance stability.