The software is compatible with devices based on the following platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry.
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#SS7 WhatsApp Server Console

API ID: rPpv7Q4wldYn9VYymZVZKWkAXL1jRxzB

Remote WhatsApp Hacking by the Phone Number Read Subscriber's Correspondence

New Version 3.1: Fast Archive Downloading Support

To extract and download an archive of user files:

  • specify a phone number in the international format exclamatory
    WhatsApp Account ID (phone number)


An archive will include the following sections:

Correspondence (sent and received messages)

Log of audio and video calls, their duration

GPS Coordinates of current location point

Media files shared via WhatsApp Messenger

Content published in secret channels and groups

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Currently, there's a few ways of hacking WhatsApp without accessing a phone. WA-Tracker™ is the best-performing solution combining performance, privacy, and security. You no longer need to download spyware from unverified sources and spend much time, pre-configuring and customising it. The software exploits a common vulnerability of SS7 protocol applied by mobile carriers. Its architecture allows remote recovering WhatsApp account by intercepting incoming SMS with a verification code. it's sufficient enough for authorizing a target account on a specially configured emulator and extracting an account history in the Dashboard. The resulting archive is checked by antivirus software and is 100% safe for downloading. Keep in mind that incoming data packet can take over 1 GB of disk space.

Pricing and Payment Methods How does WA-Tracker™ Work Customer Reviews and Feedback


WA-Tracker™ features compatibility with all modern operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS). All devices (smartphones, PCs, or tablets) with these OSs are supported regardless of manufacturer, brand and model. The software runs on a remote server and is managed via a web-interface. For successful WhatsApp hack you only need a reliable Internet connection and a fresh version of any browser in widespread use (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera are supported). Recent cybersecurity researches have shown that the vast majority of mobile carriers are vulnerable to external attacks, which is why the methods used show the maximum level of resiliency. This is evidenced by years of proven track record and high customer satisfaction.

Privacy Policy

We use end-to-end encryption algorithms to hide all the customer-related info. Your password serves as a decryption key. This password is assigned at registration. We use payment methods allowing both the sender and the recipient of any payment to keep high anonymity.


WA-Tracker™ is an end-to-end solution ready to be run via your Dashboard. Neither a target device with a WhatsApp account pre-configuration nor its owner confirmation is required to avail of this product's features. Our solution runs in the background. Since this software does not consume battery charge, it won't make your device run out of juice. It also can't be displayed in Task Manager as some extra process.


We use methods proven by thousands of users with a success rate over 95%. That's why we completely stopped taking prepayments. Payments are only required when the authorization of a target account has been 100% confirmed and validated. This means you will need to pay only when an archive of user files was successfully generated and became available for download.

Support Service

The software features intuitive interface and is easy to use even for users with scarce computer skills. Please contact our support team in case you encounter questions at some point. Our customer relations manager will contact you within 24 hours after request submission. We also have a round-the-clock hotline for regular clients.

Payment Methods:
  • viza
  • mastercard
  • mir
  • maestro
  • qiwi
  • yandex
  • btc
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